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Seasoned professional from the profession with 14 years experience working with families making arrangements. Business degree (MBA) with a concentration in marketing. Outdoor enthusiast.

Overcoming Trouble with Polarizing Topics

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The subtle distinction to get people’s attention with standard content or to try and create a dialogue by sensationalizing a topic is a decision which needs to be addressed even before articles begin to be posted. This is the stuff of policy. What’s the right choice: dare to be bold with risks or stick to […]

Likes and Comments

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about generating page likes and having followers like an article or post. At face value is a page with 400 likes more desirable than a page with only 100 likes? What goes into these numbers? Who will like your page? The easiest likers and followers of your […]

Social Media and Brand Reinforcement

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What image do you portray? Are you young and hip? Are you dignified and professional? Are you friendly and personal? Are you compassionate? Are you all of the above? Social media is a wonderful tool to convey images to your audience. Choosing relevant topics and excising the proper message leaves lasting positive impressions on your […]

Using Marketing to Identify and Define

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What we intend to show our audience and what they see are sometimes two different things. The key to presenting an image and a message, which influences your market place to think positively about your business and its services, rests in a few key marketing principles. What do you want to be your main message? […]

Are testimonials a necessity in today’s online world?

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Pre-internet-world consumerism called word of mouth recommendations ‘referrals’. These were typically shared verbally: “ABC Roofing did a great job, and they were reasonable too!” As the online world creeps into our lives more and more, the lost art of conversation becomes increasing apparent. How do businesses get their messages out to their audience? How do […]

An opinion on Tweeting

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Rumour has it that Twitter may be tweaking its 140 character limit. CEO Jack Dorsey, hinted that the per-tweet count could rise (some say up to 10,000 characters). Is this a good or bad thing? Brevity with social posts is a desired trait and has been a key success factor for Twitter. Isn’t that their […]

Social Media rates well with Business

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The decision where to invest marketing dollars is getting more difficult as time passes. Some consumers rely heavily on traditional media when accessing and gathering information while others embrace new technologies when interacting or seeking data or info on specific topics. The result: a fragmented consumer base where no homogeneous group of any significant size […]

Google Plus redefining itself?

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For many reasons Google+ has not been adopted by online users to the extent its developers had hoped and there are movements to redefine what Google+ will be as it moves forward as a social platform. The following articles or blog posts shed light on developments within Google which indicate that it will no longer […]