Using Marketing to Identify and Define

What we intend to show our audience and what they see are sometimes two different things.

The key to presenting an image and a message, which influences your market place to think positively about your business and its services, rests in a few key marketing principles.

  • What do you want to be your main message? This is the message that will be said over and over again, the message that eventually sticks with your consumer. What you decide on as a message will influence present and future public perception on your offering. The message is not we are a caring funeral home or cemetery. That’s old news. Today’s consumer expects more!
  • Integrate your marketing efforts and activities. Add url addresses to your print media. Mention on your website that details for an event will be available in the community newspaper. Have status updates on your social media platforms. Stacking marketing efforts reinforces your message. Consistent communications and content, create a clear image of your offering to your community.
  • Plan and monitor. Set aside a budget. With the message you’ve developed in step one, this task becomes more of a scheduling issue. Time your promotions, so that they coincide with when consumers are more likely to act on your offering. Gather what data you can on leads, through to prospects and sales. But be aware, that from a time perspective, a long-term outlook is what is important.

These are the preliminary “What and Why” steps to consider. The magic is found in the “How, when and where.”

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Seasoned professional from the profession with 14 years experience working with families making arrangements. Business degree (MBA) with a concentration in marketing. Outdoor enthusiast.