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Why Promote on Social Media

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Three primary reasons to consider social media promotion are: Cost Studies show that cost per impression on social media is far less than that for traditional print, radio and television advertising. As more baby boomers use social media, it becomes a good place to allocate advertising dollars. Ads provide benefits over time. Promotions which are […]

Objectives to Focus on when using Social Media

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When selecting criteria to analyse the effectiveness of any marketing initiative and to measure if a promotion performed well is difficult at the best of times. Unless significant price incentives are offered to consumers to encourage them to modify behavior, to rely on data which corresponds to a particular promotion holds flaws and if anyone […]

Reviews: Some tips

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As society increasingly adopts online technologies and increasingly uses the web as their source of information, word of mouth referrals are being replaced by online reviews and testimonials. What is the value of these words of recommendation of past and present clients (families)? The short answer is they are marketing gold. Given two organizations who […]

Business Social Networking and Facebook

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In addition to building a fan base of consumers, businesses also need to reach out and connect with noncompeting industry groups that they have affiliations with. These contacts can provide invaluable benefits in the short and long term. When you like or follow the page of another business they receive a notification which is viewed […]

Social Media and Brand Reinforcement

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What image do you portray? Are you young and hip? Are you dignified and professional? Are you friendly and personal? Are you compassionate? Are you all of the above? Social media is a wonderful tool to convey images to your audience. Choosing relevant topics and excising the proper message leaves lasting positive impressions on your […]

Likes and Comments

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about generating page likes and having followers like an article or post. At face value is a page with 400 likes more desirable than a page with only 100 likes? What goes into these numbers? Who will like your page? The easiest likers and followers of your […]

What about Customer Loyalty?

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We work for our customers. No customers. No revenue. At one point in time not too long ago, loyalty was a powerful tool. Customers rewarded good service with their future commitment to buy. My father bought a GM vehicle or a Ford and that’s what we buy in our family. When it came to funeral […]