What’s the Right Image to use for your Article or Post?

With a recent article for Father’s Day, we streamed 3 different images on our newsfeeds. Image one depicted a tie on a dark background, image two a young father holding his five or six year old in the air and image three a sixty-year-plus male fishing. The content used was the same for the three feeds. It’s worth mentioning that each of these images are fine; they will meet the objective of providing an image which supports the subject of the article.

Which of these images was more engaging, which garnered more likes, clicks and comments?

Firstly, let’s talk about what each image conveys. The tie on the dark background conveys a more formal, less emotional image. If you were buying an actual Father’s Day card, it would say, “Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for everything. I hope you have a great day!”

The fisherman image creates a relaxing, outdoorsy type tone. The fact that it’s a male over sixty implies: thanks for the many years of support from this father. This Father’s Day card might have as its verse: “I’m thinking about you fondly, I hope you’re having a special day doing what you enjoy most. Happy Father’s Day!”

The younger father and son image is based more on emotions. It captures the unexpressed love that exists between father and child. Verse for a Father’s Day card with this image might be: “I cherish the times we spend together. Happy Father’s Day!”

As mentioned, all three of these images are suitable and appropriate. So which should be chosen? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Maybe the character or identity of your funeral home is more formal in nature. Then the tie image is appropriate. Maybe your objective is to target senior males, then the fisherman image is best suited. Maybe you have a significant percentage of followers who are young adult women meaning the young father and son image is more likely to be received.

Back to our tracking on our feeds. The tie image garnered 6.1% engagement. The fisherman image garnered 6.4% engagement and the father and son image yielded 15.75 %. As mentioned, the ‘content variable’ was controlled: it was the same for all three images.

These results indicate that emotionally based type imagery is likely to garner higher engagement. Followers are more likely to respond by liking or commenting on the article.

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