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There has been a lot of discussion lately about generating page likes and having followers like an article or post. At face value is a page with 400 likes more desirable than a page with only 100 likes? What goes into these numbers?

Who will like your page?

The easiest likers and followers of your page are likely employees and suppliers, and friends of these two groups. Paid promotion can also generate page followers. While these two groups are important, past customers are easily the best to have as likers and followers of a page. They are a source of unbiased support for your page. Through past experience, they have become loyal to your brand. This group should be made aware of your page, which should contain content which appeals to their needs.

Who will like your articles?

The first group, employees, suppliers and their friends will like and comment on posts. Having loyal fans of this nature is important. They start the conversation. What is desirable is to also have past customers in on the conversation. If the message resonates with them, then your content is achieving the desired effect. Your posts are compelling enough to engage consumer groups at large. As we all know, if a few people comment on a post, many more were already thinking the same thing, but have chosen not to comment. Many individuals are shy in their online interactions for a variety of reasons.

Likes to your page or to a post are indications you are on the right course. They are social proof to others of the relevance of your offering. Be sure to thank or at least like back those who support you.

So… 400 or 100?

Quantity or quality?

A larger group can push a message out more easily, but are these individuals local, are they part of your target market and will their actions and comments be interpreted as unbiased support. Sometimes a smaller group of loyal past customers can produce an unbiased message which inspires future customers to action.

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