What about Customer Loyalty?

We work for our customers. No customers. No revenue. At one point in time not too long ago, loyalty was a powerful tool. Customers rewarded good service with their future commitment to buy. My father bought a GM vehicle or a Ford and that’s what we buy in our family.

When it came to funeral homes and cemeteries, loyalty also played a significant role. When a family dealt with a funeral home or cemetery, (if they received good service) they would likely be called on when other family members passed. “Our family has always dealt with ABC Funeral Home or Cemetery.” These were strong affiliations.

Things have changed and customer loyalty while it may be still strong with some, it is fleeting with others. So how do we continue to connect and maintain our relationships with our loyal customers over time given our competitors are actively seeking to convert them?

Interactions are the key. Typically funeral homes will meet with and support families only on rare occasions and as the need arises. Sometimes there may by years separating interactions. What’s the best way to nurture this relationship in the meantime? Does social media have a role?

An online domain opens up a whole new world where interactions can be more frequent and funeral homes can expose themselves to the markets they serve regularly. Positioning oneself as a community leader by supporting worthwhile causes and events is one tactic to encourage loyalty.

In marketing we call these touch points which are those seemingly insignificant contacts we have with our customers. It’s not only about being nice to them and there for them when needed. “It’s about being known” as nice and caring and compassionate at all times. This is what drives loyalty, it’s establishing the reputation as a provider that people want to deal with.

Create messages that build such an image on social media. Shine a light on the good will you are probably already creating. Loyalty is the key variable driving future market share.

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Seasoned professional from the profession with 14 years experience working with families making arrangements. Business degree (MBA) with a concentration in marketing. Outdoor enthusiast.